VIP Status

VIP's are very important to our store. They are those shoppers and consignors who go above and beyond. 

How to become a VIP?

VIP status is determined by the amount spent or sold in the store. You too can become one by spending at least $750 or selling $1000 with in a calendar year. That is actually spending less than $65 or selling around $80 per month. 

What do I get as a VIP?  

VIP's receive special perks or privileges for their status. These are:

  • Early entry into all sales
  • Discounts to any paid events
  • $5 per month store credit to spend in the store
  • Welcome gift at the beginning of each year
  • 1 private shopping party or style package per year at no charge

Can I lose my VIP status? 

VIP status is attained annually. Amount spent or sold is totaled at the end of each year to determine new or continuing VIP's.


Any other questions, please email us at 

Thank you, ladies. We adore you.