What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Have you ever stopped an asked yourself, "What makes me feel beautiful?" You know what, I don't think I even have. So, here I am asking myself right now and recording my answer for all of you to read.

What makes me feel beautiful? The first thing that comes to mind is the sunshine on a warm day. Ok, so this doesn't always make me feel beautiful on the outside but it does on the inside. I also feel beautiful when my hair and makeup work the way I hoped they would. This, obviously, is outward beauty. I could give even more answers, but I want to know what makes you feel beautiful. So, I did a poll and here are some of your answers.

-When I am with special friends- When I am with my kids-After spending time with God-When I am at peace-Fresh out of the shower- When I can invest proper time in my self care- When my hair cooperates

I would say that I agree with all of those answers. Here is another question to ponder. Would you say that feeling beautiful and looking pretty are two different things? I personally would. Feeling beautiful goes deeper than just what is seen on the outside, while looking pretty is just as it states, how you look. Feeling beautiful can happen even when we don't necessarily look pretty. 

Some other practical ways to feel beautiful are:

-do something nice for someone

-having a positive attitude

-plan ahead so you are not so stressed

-pick up a new hobby that brings you joy

I hope that this helps you on your journey to true beauty. Imagine feeling beautiful even when your hair and makeup don't work the way you hoped. Let's continue on this journey together and we will get there. 




Photo by Rafaella Mendes Diniz on Unsplash


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