Our Family Trip to Mazatlan, Mexico

As several of you know, my family and I went to Mazatlan, Mexico. This was our first real trip to Mexico and our first time staying at an all inclusive resort. How did it go? The resort was beautiful and very big. There were so many pools and restaurants to choose from. Then, there was the beach, it was gorgeous and the water was warm. On day 3 we took a tour of the city and the history and views were so awesome.
We really enjoyed having the whole family together. Unfortunately, on the 4th day, I got sick. I did not drink the water, but I do think I had food poisoning. This put a damper on the rest of the trip for me, but I am glad the rest of the family was able to enjoy the remainder of the trip for the most part. 
 The oldest cathedral with 24k gold.
 The view from our room

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