Why I wear R.E.D.

Why I wear R.E.D.

Smartgirls Remember Everyone DeployedI decided to launch out with SMARTgirls wears R.E.D. on Fridays in honor of one of my staff, Whitnie and her husband and two of my “heart” sons.

Whitnie served for 6 yrs and her husband Tom served ?  Forever will their lives be changed.

My heart sons…Brandon is active service in the Army and served a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan and is currently serving in Colorado.  Travis enlisted in 2008 and served a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Travis was deeply affected by PTSD from the things he lived through while he was on tour.  Travis’s life tragically ended in February 2017.  PTSD is a terrible epidemic with our warriors and veterans.  My warrior sons…I am so proud of them.   **Thank you Jayelene for sharing your boys with me**

I make it a point to thank the veterans and active duty military and our first responders for their service.  It saddens me when a Vietnam veteran hangs their head when I thank them.  It angers me to know that our military are not respected and their needs have been neglected.

This is why I wear R.E.D. and I am proud to support our active and retired military.

Remember Everyone Deployed

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