SMARTgirls 2017 Holiday Fashion Forecast

SMARTgirls 2017 Holiday Fashion Forecast

To truly determine how to dress for this Holiday season, there are a couple of things we need to talk about before we can go any further.

First … Lets look at 4 basic wardrobe styles, that are based from your body shape and personality.

  1. Classic – Always looking for timeless elegance, simple styles that are never trendy or follow the current fad. Think of Grace Kelly or Jackie O.
  1. Sporty Natural – If this is you, I think you’ll agree that comfort & minimal fuss, relaxed with room to move not tight, o uncomfortable. Think of Jennifer Aniston or Sandra Bullock
  1. Romantic – Femininity is the best word to describe this wardrobe personality.  The romantic likes soft lines, floral prints and lace.  Think Marilyn Monroe or Taylor Swift.
  1. Dramatic – These amazing women are extravagant, eccentric & original.  They like lots of color and don’t mind being noticed for it.  Think Joan Collins or Sharon Osbourne.

Now it’s up to you to decide how naughty or nice you want to be at the events you attend.

Here are a few ideas of what is on the fashion radar. You take them and run with them to match your wardrobe personality.

The following are the Pantone colors for this holiday season …

Grenadine, White washed Pink, Navy, Neutral Gray, Shaded Spruce (close to a blue green), Golden lime (This means it has more yellow in the base color rather than a blue base), Marina Blue & Autumn Maple Orange.  When choosing what colors you want to work with, it’s important to know if you are more of a blue/red based skin tone or a yellow/gold based skin tone.

Now that we’ve discussed the colors, lets  talk about what we’re seeing on the runway.

Booties and boots are still the rage, Cashmere and scarves are still a big accessory, let yourself be creative with this one.

We at SMARTgirls hear every holiday season “I have no where to wear dressy outfits.”  Our response is “Who needs an event to dress up!”  Be you … the ORIGINAL YOU!!!

If your holiday event leans more to the casual, try a red blazer (try a red that is more of a coral red than a blue red)  Add a sequin top with your base being black ankle pants, black flats & definitely spice it up with a animal print clutch and accessorize with a simple chain necklace & a couple of bangles.

Mix it up for New Years with a gold or silver sequin top (Can you tell sequins are all over the forecast this year?)  Pair your sequin top with a pair of dark wash denim, sparkly pumps or if your like me and cannot wear a heel due to foot problems, sparkly flats is a great alternative.  To close out this look, a bedazzled clutch is the perfect pairing.

If your event is a fancier affair, definitely a gold silver or a champagne  sequin top and a coral red or black skirt to match your waist and your hips.  Don’t feel like you have to fit the perfect shape for this.  A-line, flared or a straight skirt will be perfect.  Jazz up your look with sparkly earrings and a coordinating blazer.  The tuxedo blazer is best for the dressier look.

Last but not least is the good ole casual look for everyday holiday wear.  Jeans or colored denim, a loose fitting sweater, boots or ankle booties and your favorite leather bag.

It’s almost time to close this fashion forecast but first I want to remind you that it’s all about YOU…the authentic beautiful YOU…You were made with out a mold and there is not another exactly like you.  I encourage you to embrace who you are and your beauty.  You my friend are priceless and irreplaceable!

You’ll find the Smart Girls staff and myself at 6616 E 2nd St. in Prescott Valley, please come and see us and let us give you the personal shopping experience of a lifetime.

See you soon!

Jamie – Owner SMARTgirls Resale Fashion


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