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Paetyn Prentice, 16, talks with Karin Neff, 13, and her mom Brandi Modes about making some custom painted shoes for Karin Saturday morning at SMARTgirls Resale Fashion in Prescott Valley.

For their business’ seventh anniversary this last Saturday, Jan. 16, the owners of SMARTgirls Resale Fashion, a retail consignment store in Prescott Valley, invited young female entrepreneurs in the quad-city area to post up in their store and sell items of their own creation.

Although the owners were hoping to promote as many as seven girls under the age of 18 at the event, they managed to pull in four.

“We almost had a couple more, but they had other things they had to go to today,” co-owner JoAnne Golleher said.

These were the four girls who participated:

Adrianna Hernandez, 16

Adrianna’s craft of choice is jewelry. She hasn’t tried selling her work for quite a while, but when she heard about SMARTgirls promotion event, she jumped on it.

“A couple years ago, an older lady who knew how to make jewelry saw that I was interested in it, so she decided to mentor me,” Hernandez said.
Her handcrafted work includes bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Prices range from about $3 to about $30 dollars depending on what stones, metal and beads are used and how much work it takes to make the individual pieces of jewelry.

Currently homeschooled, Hernandez hopes to go to college, train as a nurse, and possibly take those skills over sees.

To contact Adrianna for more information on her jewelry, call 928-636-3775 or email

Paetyn Prentice, 16

Since this last summer, Prentice began buying plain shoes from department stores and painting custom designs on them for anyone interested in having a unique pair of kicks.

“I kind of do whatever anyone asks for,” Prentice said. “I ask their theme, ask their colors, what kind of shoe and then I go from there and make it one of a kind.”

Although she loves to paint, her true passion is baking.

“I’m working at a bakery right now,” Prentice said. “When I’m older, I want to open my own bakery.”

If interested in Prentice’s custom designed shoes, call her at 928-899-3774 or email

Sierra Christensen, 13

Christensen is no stranger to the business world.

She’s been baking and selling cupcakes for about two years now for various events and gatherings and has had some moderate success.

“In her first summer of operation, she earned over $600 just selling cupcakes on the patio of the Residence Inn during various events,” said Margo Christensen, Sierra’s mother.

Sierra’s business, Sweets You Can’t Beat, now has a Facebook page, a website and a nice variety of cupcake recipes to choose from.

She not sure what she’ll end up choosing for a career path as she gets older, but said she knows her baking skills will always be there when she needs them.

“I think I’ll always continue making cupcakes,” Christensen said. “I don’t think it will be my main priority, but I think it will always be something I like to do.”

To learn more about Sierra and her business, go to or give her a call at 928-499-1970.

Emma Golleher, 9

The youngest in the batch, Golleher – the store owner’s daughter – decided she would sell her colorings for 50 cents apiece to raise money for a 5-year-old boy she knows who has leukemia.

In front of her booth was a sheet of paper that had pictures of Bruce and his family. The paper said:

“Bruce is a fun loving 5-year-old and is bravely fighting blood cancer. He has two older siblings, a brother and a sister. He lives with his family in Yuma, AZ, and they travel frequently to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for Bruce’s Chemo treatments.

Golleher said all of the money she was raising will go toward Bruce’s medical bills.

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