Loyalty Program

We’re excited to launch SMARTgirls partnership with Five stars to bring YOU our amazing SMARTgirls a new loyalty program. You will LOVE it — easy to accumulate reward points and faster to receive notifications of sales!

This new program works almost the same as the former reward  program …

$1=1 point  200 points you will receive $10 in SMARTgirls Loyalty points to spend in the store
The difference is in how easy & quick it will be for you to receive our information.

SmartGirls Resale Rewards ProgramJoining our new Loyalty Program is Fast and Easy …

Text 578277 with the word sgresale (lower case)


If you’re in the shop, just type in your cell number or if you do not have access to a cell phone, type in your home phone & email into the tablet … WA LA!!!  You are now a member of our brand new, hot off the press SMARTgirls Loyalty program.


Disclaimer:  Our current SMARTgirls reward program will end on Sept. 1st 2017, if you have points in your account, we need you to sign up for our new SMARTgirls Loyalty program so we can transfer your points over.  As of Sept. 1 2017, our old reward program will be removed and any outstanding points will be deleted.   So sign up for new program NOW! *Does not affect your store credit only reward points*

Communication:   Be notified of sales and promotions faster and more efficient!!   We will be changing our primary mode of communication for getting the word out for our promotions, sales birthdays, and notifications.   We will be moving away from email and utilizing a text messaging.  September 1, 2017 our old email program will be deleted.   *If someone only has a land line, add your email address when you are in the store, and we be able send communicate in this way.*       

We are super excited to offer this new Loyalty program to you…

quicker communication, no more checking emails &

we’ve even thrown in some new benefits for you.

Thank you for joining us for this new step of growth!!!

Jamie & the SMARTgirls Team

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