It’s time for the annual New Years Purge

It’s time for the annual New Years Purge

I’m no expert on diet or organization but I am pretty good at is consignment at SMARTgirls Resale Fashion. Let our Intake Specialist Team help you begin your 2018 “purge” by consigning at SMARTgirls.

First look at your pieces to make sure they are in current style, clean, wrinkle free and in good repair, next separate them by season. Our consignment details are in our website to guide you as you view your closet.

We receive calls to inquire whether we require an appointment. The answer is only if you have more than 50 pieces you will be bringing in at a time.  We do ask that you bring your items in wrinkle free and on hangers.

Now your ready for your first consignment. We accept consignments 10-5 M-Saturday. When you arrive, we will ask you “If there is anything we need to pass on, would you have pass them along to donate/CCJ or would you want to take them home with you?” If you choose to donate, you may request a donation receipt at any time.

Your first time consigning with SMARTgirls, you will receive your membership packet, which contains a welcome letter, consignment details, intake flow chart, 2 referral cards, season cards and a shopping gift. Our membership fee is applied to reoccurring consignment accounts and is paid out of sales proceeds.

One of our SMARTgirls intake specialists will review your pieces. She will look for obvious and hidden flaws, pilling, wash wear, wash fade, buttons, zippers and hems.  Occasionally we are accused of being fussy but to ensure we offer our shoppers the best inventory & to give the consignor the best selling experience we must be discerning in the QUALITY VALUE & STYLE of the items we consign.

Once your items have been reviewed, they are accounted for in your consigning account, you sign authorizing you have consigned them. Your intake specialist will tie them together with your account ticket and they are placed in line for processing. Pricing is done by our intake specialist. It is helpful for higher end or luxury items if you know the price you paid for the item. Our pricing is approximately 60% of retail, depending on the value of the item.  Items are processed and placed on the sales floor within 24-48 hours.  Every item we consign is viewed by 3-5 sets of eyes before they are placed on the sales floor to ensure the item meets our standards.

Beginning your 2018 Purge is as easy & pain free as that. SMARTgirls Intake Specialist will take great care of you!

See you soon!
Jamie – Owner SMARTgirls Resale Fashion

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